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About The Owner

Owner Tommy Stax

IG @tommystax

Lifelong Pittsburgher

FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certified


Formerly envisioned, created, built, and operated Vantastic Limo LLC in Pittsburgh from 2013-2020.  Covid shut the retro vintage party van themed business down, but I never lost that entrepreneurial spirit.  I've SPENT OVER 20 YEARS IN SUPPLY CHAIN operations and business development roles in a major consumer packaged goods company. i'VE been a big part of the world of vintage custom vans over the PAST DECADE volunteering MY creative time and effort to promote the legacy of the National Truck-In.  i helped custom vanner magazine do some cool virtual things in the world of vans.  In 2022 I focused on casually filming, editing, and posting mostly custom van content on my YouTube channel Vantastic Television.  

My wife unexpectedly got me a drone for a gift Christmas 2020 on a hunch due to my love of filming in general, and since then it's become a passion.  I fell in love with the unique perspectives and viewpoints that only a drone can capture.  As I studied the laws of the airspace, I learned that the FAA takes drones very seriously.  I found out that if i used my personal footage to promote anything BEYOND personal use, the FAA can fine you significantly if you do not have your 107 Remote Pilots license.  So I studied and obtained my part 107license and now I fly my drones every chance I get.  My friends, family, and the van community haVE enjoyed my aerial work.  AS YOU CAN SEE BY THIS WEBSITE, i'M now OFFERING MY services for hire.

I can be found on Instagram @tommystax and you can see many of my aerial images #staxskysnaps and regular shots #staxsnaps I run the @vannationals account as well as @vantastictelevision and many of my photos can be found @customvannermagazine account 

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